Internet of things:where to be is to trust

Autores UPV
Revista EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking


Networks' creation is getting more and more required, anytime, anywhere. Devices that can participate on these networks can be quite different among them. Sensors, mobiles, home appliances, or other type of devices will have to collaborate to increase and improve the services provided to clients. In the same way, network configuration, security mechanisms establishment, and optimal performance control must be done by them. Some of these devices could have limited resources to work, sometimes even resources restriction not existing, they must work to optimize network traffic. In this article, we center our researching on spontaneous networks. We propose a secure spontaneous ad-hoc network, based on direct peer-to-peer interaction and communities' creation to grant a quick, easy, and secure access to users to surf the Web. Each device will have an identity in the network. Each community will also have an identity and will act as a unity on a world based on Internet connection. Security will be established in the moment they access to the network through the use of the trust chain generated by nodes. Trust is modified by each node on the basis of nodes behavior