Photovoltaic Power System With Battery Backup With Grid-Connection and Islanded Operation Capabilities

Autores UPV
Revista IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics


This paper presents the analysis, design, and experimentation results of a photovoltaic energy management system with battery backup. The proposed system is capable of both grid-connected and islanded operations. The main advantage of the proposed system is that, in grid-connected mode, the inverter works as a current source in phase with the grid voltage, injecting power to the grid and controlling the dc-link voltage. The dc/dc converter manages the battery charge. In islanded mode, the inverter control is reconfigured to work as a voltage source using droop schemes. The dc/dc converter controls the dc-link voltage to enable the maximum power point tracking reference to be followed. An operation protocol is proposed to ensure the quality of the energy supply and minimize energy loss. A battery bank is connected to the dc link as energy storage for islanded operation mode. The aim of this paper is to show that the proposed system performs correctly, without dangerous transients for the inverter or the loads. Simulation and experimental results on a 3-kW prototype show the feasibility of the proposed control strategy.