Derivative-free high-order methods applied to preliminary orbit determination

Autores UPV
Revista Mathematical and Computer Modelling


From position and velocity coordinates for several given instants, it is possible to determine the orbital elements of the preliminary orbit, taking only into account mutual gravitational attraction forces between the Earth and the satellite. Nevertheless, it should be refined with later observations from ground stations, whose geographic coordinates are previously known. Different methods developed for this purpose need to find a solution of a nonlinear function. In some classical methods it is usual to employ fixed point or secant methods. The second iterative scheme is often used when it is not possible to obtain the derivative of the nonlinear function. Nowadays, there exist efficient numerical methods that are able to highly improve the results obtained by the classical schemes. We will focus our attention on the method of iteration of the true anomaly, in which the secant method is replaced by more efficient methods, such as the second-order Steffensen¿s method, as well as other high-order derivative-free methods.