Mechanical and Thermal Properties Analysis of Polypropylene Reinforced with Polyamide Microfibre Obtained from Shredded Tyres

Autores UPV


The importance of recovering waste materials generated by industrialised societies is mainly due to the environmental impact that they have, and one of the principal problems is the presence of end of life tyres. The use of waste microfibre obtained from shredded tyres as reinforcement in polypropylene matrices offers an interesting opportunity for recycling of the waste microfibre, in order to obtain 'value added products' from polypropylene (PP)/waste microfibre tyre composites. The microfibres obtained from shredded tyres were used as a reinforcing material in compositions with polypropylene (PP). The blending proportions were: (1) 10% microfibre 90% PP; (2) 20% microfibre, 80% PP; (3) 30% microfibre, 70% PP; (4) 40% microfibre, 60% PP, (5) 50% microfibre, 50% PP and (6) 80% microfibre, 20% PP. The mechanical and thermal properties were analysed. In this case polypropylene mixed with polyamide (PA) microfibres show a decrease in tensile strength and elongation at break, however, impact strength and Vicat Softening temperature values increase with polyamide microfibre content. Continuity in the matrix phase was observed by scanning electron microscopy up to loadings of 40% microfibre.