Physical properties and antioxidant capacity of starch-sodium caseinate films containing lipids

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Food Engineering


Biodegradable films based on starch, sodium caseinate, glycerol and lipids (oleic acid and/or a-tocopherol) were obtained and evaluated in terms of microstructure, mechanical behaviour, barrier and optical properties and antioxidant capacity. The effect of film storage time on these properties was also analysed. The lipid incorporation provoked phase separation due to the different interaction between each polymer and lipids, although structural rearrangement of components during storage could be deduced from the change in mechanical behaviour. After storage, all films showed similar mechanical properties, but lipid containing films were more stretchable. Lipid addition did not induce a notable decreased in water vapour permeability of the films, but oxygen permeability highly increased when they contained oleic acid. All films were highly transparent, with very small differences among formulations, although their gloss values increased when lipids were added. The incorporation of a-tocopherol greatly increased the antioxidant capacity of the films which affected oxygen permeability.