An Improved Tolerance Charting Technique Using an Analysis of Setup Capability

Autores UPV
Revista The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


The tolerance charting method enables the calculation of working tolerances in machining process planning. The method has been used as a basic tool for analysing process plans for many decades. Process capability in tolerance charting is modelled using the tolerances of the working dimensions. The literature shows that machining process capability can be analysed from the point of view of surface position errors. During setups it is possible to perform decomposition into two surface position tolerances: a datum surface position tolerance and a machining surface position tolerance. This type of analysis has the advantage of producing simplified tolerance chains. This paper provides an adaptation of the tolerance charting technique that uses a capability model based on datum and machining surface position tolerance. The results show an improvement in the working tolerance stackup that reduces the capability required for productive resources. As a result, reductions in manufacturing costs can be achieved. The proposal is valid for manual or computer-assisted techniques.