Onshore wind farms maintenance optimization using a stochastic model

Autores UPV
Revista Mathematical and Computer Modelling


specific feature of wind power generation is the stochastic behavior of wind velocity which determines the energy produced, and also influences the turbine degradation process due to the stochastic load suffered by the wind turbine. Thus, wind turbines present a degradation process more complex than the equipment that work under stationary conditions.The selection of a maintenance strategy, that comprises the date to perform a maintenance activity, the maintenance frequency and the duration of such activity have a great influence on the operational cost, that determines the plant viability. Wind velocity probability distribution can be obtained from daily wind data measurements, and by Monte Carlo sampling, it is possible to estimate the power generated. This generation has an associated cost due to the loss of production during maintenance.This work is focused on finding the best maintenance strategy that minimizes the total cost and maximizes the annual energy produced of a wind turbine considering the maintenance frequency as a decision variable.