Architecture of Generalized Bit-Flipping Decoding for High-Rate Non-binary LDPC Codes

Autores UPV
Revista Circuits Systems and Signal Processing


A VLSI architecture for the generalized bit-flipping decoding algorithm for non-binary low-density parity-check codes is proposed in this paper. The tentative decoding steps of the algorithm have been modifed to avoid computing and storing a matrix of dimension N ¿2q , for a code (N,K) over GF(2q ), reducing its complexity with a minimal penalization of its performance, less than 0.05 dB compared with the original algorithm. The architecture was synthesized using a 90 nm standard cell library, for the (837, 723) non-binary code over GF(25), requiring 590220 xor gates and achieving a throughput of 89Mbps. Additionally, it was implemented in a Virtex- VI FPGA device with a cost of 4070 slices and a throughput of 44.6 Mbps.