The Acoustic Absorption of textile curtains on the function of the fullnes

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Revista Materiales de Construcción


Acoustic absorbing materials are applied to reduce noise levels in a room. They are also used to adjust the reverberation time an acoustic enclosure to use for which it¿s designed. There are multi-purpose rooms for conferences, concerts, cinemas, etc. In this case, the acoustic absorbent materials should be changed according to use. Curtains can be an easy way to modify the acoustics of a room based on usage. This paper presents a study of the acoustic absorption of different curtains under actual placement. The study was performed in a reverberant chamber. It takes into account different textiles. It also takes into account different air plenums and different fullness to pucker. It can be seen in the results, good acoustic behavior of such systems. The acoustic absorption of different fabrics, air plenums and plicate of textiles (fullness) are compared in this work. The good acoustic behaviour of these systems is observed in the results.