Processing of Ti Scaffolds by Sintering with Different Spacers

Autores UPV


Titanium is a material used in biomedicine for osseous implants due to their low density and biocompatibility. Its use in this field is limited by the lack of similarity of their stiffness with the stiffness of bones. In order to reduce this difference, powder metallurgy offers ways to develop porous materials with a reduced stiffness. The main objective of this work is to develop titanium scaffolds by space-holder technique, concretely with using two different spacers: Ammonium bicarbonate and sodium chloride. It has been studied the best way for remove spacer of green compacts, which have been sintered in high vacuum. Materials obtained by using of two spacers, have been analyzed in order to value different results in porosity, microstructural and mechanical properties. The stiffness of new materials was obtained by testing of three points in bending. This research shows that the manufacturing method of porous materials for bone replacement using space holder technique with ammonium bicarbonate or sodium chloride, allows obtained samples with slightly difference in physical, microstructural and mechanical properties.