A hybrid approach based on genetic algorithms to solve the problem of cutting structural beams in a metalwork company

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Heuristics


This work presents a hybrid approach based on the use of genetic algorithms to solve efficiently the problem of cutting structural beams arising in a local metalwork company. The problem belongs to the class of one-dimensional multiple stock sizes cutting stock problem, namely 1-dimensional multiple stock sizes cutting stock problem. The proposed approach handles overproduction and underproduction of beams and embodies the reusability of remnants in the optimization process. Along with genetic algorithms, the approach incorporates other novel refinement algorithms that are based on different search and clustering strategies.Moreover, a new encoding with a variable number of genes is developed for cutting patterns in order to make possible the application of genetic operators. The approach is experimentally tested on a set of instances similar to those of the local metalwork company. In particular, comparative results show that the proposed approach substantially improves the performance of previous heuristics.