On the Provisioning of Mobile Digital Terrestrial TV Services to Vehicles with DVB-T

Autores UPV
Revista IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting


Most of the DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting -Terrestrial) networks deployments worldwide have been designed for fixed rooftop antennas and high transmission capacity, not providing good coverage level for vehicular mobile reception. This letter analyzes how to combine different technical solutions, so far studied individually, in order to increase the robustness of the transmission for vehicular reception to provide in-band mobile services. In particular, we consider: receive antenna diversity, hierarchical modulation, and Application Layer ¿ Forward Error Correction (AL-FEC). Performance evaluation results have been obtained by means of simulations, laboratory tests, and field measurements in the commercial DVB-T network of the city of Valencia (Spain). The paper shows that the combined usage of these solutions can compensate the impairments caused by the mobility of the receivers, such as signal fast fading, Doppler shift, the poor coverage at ground level and the utilization of lower gain antennas; being possible to provide mobile DVB-T services to vehicles in networks dimensioned for fixed rooftop reception.