Virtual Worlds for Photogrammetric Image-Based Simulation and Learning

Autores UPV
Revista The photogrammetric record


Simulation is a common activity in many fields and pursuits, not only for teaching but also for learning, training, monitoring, research and entertainment, among others. This paper presents the criteria used to develop virtual scenarios for photogrammetric simulation based on both synthetic objects and synthetic images. The workflow used to generate three-dimensional (3D) virtual worlds is presented together with the subsequent reconstruction of the metric perspective images (synthetic scenes) emulating any type of frame camera in any kind of terrestrial or aerial set-up, the latter with an aeroplane, helicopter or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). A simulator can be used to create 3D virtual worlds in order to improve an understanding of mission planning, generate synthetic image sequences with suitable overlaps, as well as optimising image data acquisition before undertaking expensive photogrammetric surveys in the field.