Experimental analysis of energy performance of modified single-stage CO2 transcritical vapour compression cycles based on vapour injection in the suction line

Autores UPV


This work presents the experimental evaluation of the energy performance of a modified single-stage CO2 transcritical refrigeration plant with an internal heat exchanger (IHX) based on vapour injection in suction line. This modification, which is only applicable to refrigeration plants with an expansion process divided in two stages with a liquid receiver between them, consists of extracting saturated vapour from the liquid receiver in order to: decrease the vapour quality at the evaporator inlet, and reduce the superheating degree at the compressor suction by means of the expansion and following injection of the extracted refrigerant. Three different injection points have been evaluated experimentally: before the IHX, after the IHX and just before the suction chamber of the compressor. The experimental measurements show that the cooling capacity and COP can be enhanced in 9.81% and 7.01%, respectively. Furthermore, a reduction in the discharge temperature of the compressor up to 14.7 C has been measured inside the evaluation range.