Experimental UWB propagation channel path loss and time-dispersion characterization in a laboratory environment

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Antennas and Propagation


The knowledge of the propagation channel properties is an important issue for a successful design of ultrawideband (UWB) communication systems enabling high data rates in short-range applications. From an indoor measurement campaign carried out in a typical laboratory environment, this paper analyzes the path loss and time-dispersion properties of the UWB channel. Values of the path loss exponent are derived for the direct path and for a Rake receiver structure, examining the maximum multipath diversity gain when an all Rake (ARake) receiver is used. Also, the relationship between time-dispersion parameters and path loss is investigated. The UWB channel transfer function (CTF) was measured in the frequency domain over a channel bandwidth of 7.5GHz in accordance with the UWB frequency range (3.1¿10.6GHz).