Desarrollo de una plataforma computacional para el modelado metabólico de microorganismos

Autores UPV
Revista Nereis. Revista Iberoamericana Interdisciplinar de Métodos, Modelización y Simulación


Synthetic biology focuses on the design and construction of artificial genetic systems that are capable of carrying out a specific function after being inserted into a living system. With the development of synthetic biology a new generation of bioengineers has appeared who develop complex, highly integrated genetic biological pathways. Te improvement of this scientific discipline aims to establish a computational and conceptual framework that will support the development of modular artificial biological systems based on an engineering and systematic methodology. To achieve this, it will be necessary to provide new integrated computational tools in a common environment for the analysis of metabolic phenotypes, the design of new complex genetic pathways and the visualisation of metabolic maps to the next generation of designers in synthetic biology and future biotechnologists and biological engineers. A result of this research is the Hydra platform (Hybrid Draw and Routes Analysis) that integrates various tools for the design, analysis, and visualisation of metabolic networks.