Adding an Ontology to a Standardized QoS-Based MAS Middleware

Autores UPV
Revista Lecture Notes in Computer Science


In a Multi-Agent system, middleware is one of the components used to isolate control and communications. The use of standards in the implementation of an intelligent distributed system is always advantageous. This paper presents a middleware that provides support to a multi-agent system. Middleware is based on the standard Data Distribution Services (DDS), proposed by Object Management Group (OGM). Middleware organizes information by tree based ontology and provides a set of quality of service policies that agents can use to increase efficiency. DDS provides a set of quality of service policy. Joining quality of service policy and the ontology allows getting many advantages, among others the possibility of to conceal some details of the communications system to agents, the correct location of the agents in the distributed system, or the monitoring agents in terms of quality of service. For modeling the middleware architecture it has used UML class diagrams. As an example it has presented the implementation of a mobile robot navigation system through agents that model behaviors.