Online Collaborative Environments in the Creative Process of Product Development for Engineering Students

Autores UPV
Revista Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences


On-line collaborative platforms are identified within a technological strategy over the internet permit designers and product engineering to work in collaboration during the creative process in the development of new products. At a university level, teaching the use of collaboration tools has on the one hand centered on informing about the potential of the network for sharing and managing information about students in design projects that are becoming increasingly more multi-disciplinary. The need to define and improve knowledge about development stages in industrial products will permit assessing the use of more optimum collaboration tools and applications in each design process generically and to further knowledge about the possibilities these tools have in the scope of promotion and communication with end users. The results of the developed a tests for evaluating on-line collaborative environments with engineering students at the Polytechnic University of Valencia shows the potential in using these technologies in education.