Behavior of RC columns under unequal eccentricititess and skew angle loads at ends

Autores UPV
Revista Engineering Structures


In the design of slender concrete columns, such as civil or architecture constructions, biaxial compression loads with unequal eccentricities and skew angles at both ends is a common situation. However, in the literature, there is a lack of experimental data subjected to this type of load both casted with normal and high strength concrete. The scarcity of experimental results prevent from calibrating numerical models and contrasting the reliability of the simplified approaches proposed in the Standards. In this paper, 36 slender columns subjected to biaxial compression with unequal eccentricities and skew angles at the ends. The following parameters have been considered in this research: concrete strength, eccentricities ratios at both ends, eccentricity value, and the combination of different skew angles. Ultimate strength and deformed shape of the columns have been analyzed. Simplified approaches proposed by EC-2(2004) and ACI-318(11) have been compared with the experimental data and conservative results have been reached with different accuracy depending on the studied parameters. Less accurate results are obtained for high strength concrete.