Influence of ultra-high strength infill in slender concrete-filled steel tubular columns

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Constructional Steel Research


This paper describes 24 tests conducted on slender circular tubular columns filled with normal, high, and ultra-high strength concrete for plain, bar reinforced and steel fiber reinforced columns. These were reinforced and subjected to both concentric and eccentric axial load. It is a continuation of a previous research paper (Portoles et al., 2011 [1]), which presented test results on eccentrically loaded plain concrete columns. The test parameters are nominal strength of concrete (30, 90 and 130 MPa), eccentricity e (0, 20 and 50 mm) and type of reinforcement. A comparison with the corresponding empty tubular columns is performed, as the aim of the paper is to analyze the influence of each type of infill and establish the best option for practical application. For the limited cases analyzed the results show that the addition of high or ultra-high strength infill is more useful for concentric loaded cases than for eccentric loaded ones, where it seems that the best design option is the utilization of bar reinforced concrete filling rather than steel fiber to reinforce CFST columns. The experimental ultimate load of each test was compared with the design loads from Eurocode 4, accurate for the eccentrically loaded tests.