Diagnosis / Intervention criteria in damaged slabs by severe corrosion of prestressed joists

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities


This research defines diagnosis criteria in R/C one-way slabs with severe corrosion at the lower prestressed reinforcement of the joists and proposes specific actuation criteria and constructive recommendations to increase the safety. The corrosion of this reinforcement is the most common damage in building structures, and the use of aluminous cement in the precast joists can aggravate the corrosion. The usual cases of entire residential buildings with different degrees of damage and with a few or all joists affected in a slab have been simulated. ACI-318 is used as an acceptance criterion for existing structures in the simulations, and a ratio between the ultimate load and the service load is defined as valuation coefficient. By this way, the residual safety for a damaged structure is known. Results are in accordance with the extensive experience in real intervention cases, which often still have high safety reserves.