Effect of different corn starches on microstructural, physical and sensory properties of gluten-free white sauces formulated with soy protein and inulin

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Food Process Engineering


Different corn starches were used to prepare gluten-free white sauces made with soy protein and inulin. A remarkable different microstructure between sauces made with modified or native starches was observed. The former were characterized by a packed matrix of swollen starch granules, while the latter showed a few starch granule remnants dispersed in a starch polymer¿protein¿inulin continuous phase. These microstructural differences were related to significant differences (P < 0.05) in the apparent viscosity values observed between sauces made with modified or native starches. Moreover, sauces made with waxy starches exhibited stable apparent viscosity values throughout refrigeration storage. Syneresis was negligible even in sauces made with native starch, proving the high water retention capacity of the soy protein¿inulin¿starch polymer matrix. In general, sauces made with modified starches had stable color parameters throughout storage and were preferred by consumers, which make them interesting in the development of this type of product.