FEM3DD software verification

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Revista ANNALS of the UNIVERSITY of ORADEA. Fascicle of Management and Technological Engineering


Structural optimization requires a large numberof structures to be evaluated. In simultaneous size and shapeoptimization, where only metaheuristics techniques can beused, the number of evaluations can easily ran into thousands.Renowned and widespread commercial software like ANSYSor MSC Nastran are multipurpose FEM (Finite ElementMethod) programs have high initialization times which are evenhigher than the computing ones. This has a vital influence onthe algorithm performance, especially in population basedmetaheuristic techniques. In order to avoid this issue, lighterFEM software or even embedded FEM code should be used.Among the Openware FEM code, the software FEM3DD canbe highlighted. From its features, it is worthy to stand out: fastinitialization, multi-OS open source code (GNU license),command line operation, CSV and Matlab files reading, andwell documented.