Influence of calcium lactate and modified atmosphere on respiration rate, optical and mechanical properties of sliced persimmon

Autores UPV
Revista Food Science and Technology International


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of a modified atmosphere (5% and 10% of CO2) and calcium lactate treatment on the respiratory metabolism of minimally processed persimmon. A static system to meas- ure changes in the composition of the headspace was used. Composition, texture and colour were also analysed. Persimmon slices were evaluated immediately after the washing treatment and after the O2 com- position had decreased to 17% to avoid changes in the metabolic pathway. All samples were stored at 4 C. The results showed that modified atmosphere did not affect compositional properties, although there was a slight increase in pH values at the end of each treatment. Calcium lactate treatment reduced the respiration rate, in terms of O2, in samples kept in air. Additionally, a calcium lactate effect was immediately observed on mechanical properties after the washing stage. On the other hand, luminosity and b* coordinate decreased in unwashed and calcium lactate samples kept in 5% CO2.