Global Solution for Preserving Citrus Fruit Using Natural Treatments

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology. A


Different tests were carried out to assess the efficiency of replacing plant protection products used at the main application points in citrus fruit packinghouses with natural treatments. The efficiency of an aqueous treatment containing potassium sorbate was found to significantly reduce decaying in Marisol mandarins previously inoculated with Penicillium digitatum and Penicillium italicum. The same food preservative was used in conjunction with a fruit detergent and was applied on Washington Navel oranges and the reduction in the appearance of decaying was similar to that obtained using Guazatine. Finally, two different essential oils were tested. One was combined with a coating and the KS, whilst the other was applied as a fumigant. In the case of wax treatments, it was found that the combination of essential oil or KS with Imazalil at half the dose (0.1 %) was equivalent to treatment with a higher dose of Imazalil (0.2 %) thus making it possible to reduce the dose of plant protection products used without reducing decay control effectiveness. The treatment with a fumigant with essential oil has a level of efficiency similar to Imazalil agains PI. These treatments can be considered a ciable alternative to the use of plant protection products.