Experimental analysis of a paraffin-based cold storage tank

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Refrigeration


The aim of this study is to characterize a paraffin-based cold storage tank. Novel experimental results are presented for this system which combines a significant amount of paraffin (1450 kg) immersed around 18 spiral-shaped coils disposed in counter-current flow. The paraffin has a phase-change temperature in the range 4¿8 °C as measured by a 3-layer calorimeter. Different tests have been carried out with a constant mass flow rate and supply temperature. Around 31% of the paraffin has hardly any contact with the coils and hereby acts as a dead mass. The results show the importance of natural convection within the phase-change-material, particularly during the melting process. The highest efficiency has been achieved for the lowest supply temperatures and mass flow rates of the heat transfer fluid.