A proactive market orientation for the postgraduate programs

Autores UPV
Revista Direccion y Organizacion


The present study aims to help universities to develop a proactive market orientation as the precedent for a successful innovation policy for their postgraduate programs through a deep review of the concepts of ¿proactive market orientation¿ of the postgraduate market and its relative ¿postgraduate decision-making process¿. This ¿decision-making process model¿ will be the perfect framework which will facilitate different reflections about customers (adult students), companies (employers) and universities and all their possible interactions which can exist under a ¿proactive market orientation¿ and the consequent strategies for a successful innovation policy. Therefore, this research makes a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in this impor tant area of market orientation as a precedent for innovation for educational institutions This proactive market research philosophy can assist the University, administrators, managers and recruiters in adapting their marketing strategies and their related innovation policy in order to differentiate from the competition in a complex sector like the postgraduate education one.