Introducción a una nueva dimensión en la morfología dentaria: ARDental (Realidad Aumentada Dental)

Autores UPV
Revista Gaceta Dental


In this paper, we present the Augmented Reality (AR), a new technology that is causing a revolution in the way of perceiving the physical environment around us. Moreover, we introduce ARDental (figure 1), which is a new AR application in the dental area developed by the «University Institute of Control Systems and Industrial Computing (ai2)» of the «Technical University of Valencia (UPV)» and the «The Center of igher Vocational Training Folguera-Vicent». This application is aimed to the dental teaching field. It ombines real and virtual elements, it is interactive and the models are in 3D. The 3D models are very important when the learning contents are very difficult to be acquired through 2D images or other classical teaching methods. This is the situation of the dental speciality. By these reasons, this application will make easy the learning of contents and will improve the students¿ skills with the help of a technology which will result natural and intuitive for them.