Collaborative patch-based super-resolution for diffusion-weighted images

Autores UPV
Revista NeuroImage


In this paper, a new single image acquisition super-resolution method is proposed to increase image resolution of diffusion weighted (DW) images. Based on a nonlocal patch-based strategy, the proposed method uses a non-diffusion image (b0) to constrain the reconstruction of DW images. An extensive validation is presented with a gold standard built on averaging 10 high-resolution DW acquis itions. A comparison with classical interpo- lation methods such as trilinear and B-spline demonstrates the competitive results of our proposed approach in termsofimprovementsonimagereconstruction,fractiona lanisotropy(FA)estimation,generalizedFAandangular reconstruction for tensor and high angular resolut ion diffusion imaging (HARDI) models. Besides, fi rst results of reconstructed ultra high resolution DW images are presented at 0.6 ¿ 0.6 ¿ 0.6 mm 3 and0.4¿0.4¿0.4mm 3 using our gold standard based on the average of 10 acquisitions, and on a single acquisition. Finally, fi ber tracking results show the potential of the proposed super-resolution approach to accurately analyze white matter brain architecture.