Al2O3-3YTZP-Graphene multilayers produced by tape casting and spark plasma sintering

Autores UPV
Revista Journal of the European Ceramic Society


This work aims to establish a colloidal route to obtain laminates of alumina-zirconia combining layers with and without graphene. Green tapes of alumina, alumina with 5 vol.% of 3Y-TZP and alumina with 5 vol.% of 3Y-TZP and graphene-oxide (2 vol.%) were obtained by aqueous tape casting. The tapes were punched into 20 mm discs, joined to form laminates alternating up to 18 layers,and sintered by spark plasma sintering at 1400 ºC at 80 MPa of pressure. Optical and electronic microscopy observations of the ceramic cross-sections revealed that dense laminates with thickness 100 micron and with good cohesion between layers were obtained, Raman spectroscopy confirmed the presence of tetragonal zirconia and revealed carbon content inside all the samples, probably associated to the graphite dies. Nanoindentation results showed that hardness and elastic modulus values were higher than 27 GPa and 300 GPa, respectively and similar for all layers