A peculiar Spanish timber floor, the "revoltón": a diagnostic example at the Palacio del Marqués de Benicarló

Autores UPV
Revista Advanced Materials Research


The paper deals with the application of the Italian method for assessing on-site and diagnosing timber elements to a distinctive Spanish type of horizontal structure called ¿revoltón¿ i.e. jack arch floor. As in Spain does not exist a specific regulation for the on-site diagnosis of timber elements, this analysis was performed according to the Italian standard UNI 11119:2004. Due to the peculiar features of the jack arch floor some modifications were applied to the method. During spring 2012 the authors had the opportunity to carry out a pilot project by making a diagnostic analysis on a whole three stories building. The building, ¿Palacio del Marqués de Benicarló¿, located in Spain in the town of Benicarló, between Barcelona and Valencia, was erected during the second half of the XVIII century. It maintains the original internal distribution and structure, and it is characterized by precious ceramic decorations on walls and floors. All the horizontal structures studied inside the palace were jack arch floor except the roof structure that was also made of timber. The results of the project described in the paper clarify the specific problems of the horizontal structures and the roof surveyed during the fieldwork. These results are accompanied by several plans that represent the information recovered on-site and lead to a complete assessment of structures. The plans include the grading based on wood defects, the local moisture content of wood, the superficial and inner decay due to insects and rot and the deformation of the joists. In this way it was possible to locate the areas of the palace where more problems are concentrated, and better understand the causes and origin of the damages.