Emprendimiento y universidad. Una referencia al caso de España y a la UPV

Autores UPV


ABSTRACT The project broadly understood as the development of an idea or business, mainly in business, is now definitely a phenomenon of great interest, especially if it is innovative. The most competitive countries and most developed economies are distinguished by having a productive network that has its origin in a venture we call smart because it is based on innovative use of knowledge and creativity, and advanced technologies which also shows great ability to market and internationalization. In this way, we observe the importance of finding the ecosystems where knowledge, creativity and technology to improve the innovative capacity from the enterprise. Universities, and especially the scientific and technological profiles for this purpose can be a very favorable ecosystem and contribute to the necessary shift towards an economy like that of the most advanced and competitive countries, based on knowledge. It is certainly today the challenge of an economy like the Spanish, and this is the view we have from a Spanish University of Technology and how the Technical University of Valencia, a leader in innovation and transfer, to contribute from a university to create an ecosystem of intelligent Enterprise and values academic institution.