The use of social technologies in Spanish young people: a global behaviour model in teenagers

Autores UPV
Revista Global Business Perspectives


The majority of all Spanish youths aged 12¿17 use online social networking sites (internet and mobile technology), according to a new local survey of teenagers conducted by Valencia University, Fepad & the Universidad Polite¿cnica de Valencia. The survey also found that older teens, in particular girls, are more likely to use these sites. For girls, social networking sites are places to reinforce preexisting friendships, while for boys these networks provide opportunities for flirting and making new friends. In both cases, business relations in the future will be influenced by this new relationship method with ¿new business relationships¿ being taken on by ¿digital natives¿ as opposed to the current ¿digital immigrants¿ who have not taken on board this network technology as quickly. The objective of this study is to present our research on the relationship between web 2.0 technologies and the behaviour and personality of the teenagers who form the object of the study as well as the potential dependencies, and resulting personal, academic and family disorders that may stem from abuse of these technologies, especially via mobile phones. The main objective is to explore how web-based technologies lessen or generate different types of disorders in today¿s society, particularly amongst teenagers.