Partialization losses of ON/OFF operation of waterto- water refrigeration/heat-pump units

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Refrigeration


This paper presents the results of an experimental campaign for the characterization of the dynamic behavior of a water-to-water refrigeration/heat-pump unit under ON/OFF operation. The unit was previously tested at different water inlet temperatures under steady state conditions, and a very good agreement was found between the instantaneous dynamic performance of the heat pump and the corresponding quasi-steady state operation. In parallel, a series of tests were carried out to quantify the coefficient of performance (COP) degradation as a function of the load ratio, and a simple formula for the Part Load Factor is presented. Results lead to the conclusion that the only non-negligible factor in the COP degradation is the stand-by electrical consumption during the OFF period, especially at low load ratios. Finally, it is concluded that the minimization of the stand-by consumption is a key point for the future improvement of the seasonal performance of water-to-water systems.