Study of the influence of the needle eccentricity on the internal flow in diesel injector nozzles by computational fluid dynamics calculations

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Computer Mathematics


In the present paper, a computational study has been performed in order to clarify the effects of the needle eccentricity in a real multihole microsac nozzle. This nozzle has been simulated at typical operating conditions of a diesel engine, paying special attention to the internal flow development and cavitation appearance within the discharge orifices. For that purpose, a multiphase flowsolver based on a homogeneous equilibrium model with a barotropic equation of state has been used, introducing the turbulence effects by Reynolds-averaged Navier¿Stokes methods with a re-normalization group k-eps model. The results obtained from this investigation have demonstrated the huge influence of the needle position on the flow characteristics, showing important hole to hole differences.