Experimental determination of the permeability of engineering textiles: Benchmark II

Autores UPV
Revista Composites Part A Applied Science and Manufacturing


In this second international permeability benchmark, the in-plane permeability values of a carbon fabric were studied by twelve research groups worldwide. One participant also investigated the deformation of the tested carbon fabric. The aim of this work was to obtain comparable results in order to make a step toward standardization of permeability measurements. Unidirectional injections were thus conducted to determine the unsaturated in-plane permeability tensor of the fabric. Procedures used by participants were specified in the guidelines defined for this benchmark. Participants were asked to use the same values for parameters such as fiber volume fraction, injection pressure and fluid viscosity to minimize sources of scatter. The comparison of the results from each participant was encouraging. The scatter between data obtained while respecting the guidelines was below 25%. However, a higher dispersion was observed when some parameters differed from the recommendations of this exercise.