Fabrication and Structural Studies of Porous Anodic Oxid Films on Pure Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy (AA 1100)

Autores UPV
Revista Chemical Science


Pure aluminium and aluminium alloy 1100 samples were anodized by one step and two step process. The foils were anodised in 0.3 M sulphuric acid solution at constant voltage of 25V and the temperature was maintained at 20 oC. The effect of increase of exposure time in second anodization step on the structural features was studied on AA 1100. A well ordered nanoporous structure were produced. It was found that in two step anodization process the produced film have very regular hexagonal cells with uniform pores as compare to single step anodization in both Al and AA 1100. The two step anodization improves both pore diameter and uniformity. With the increase in second step anodization time the complexities of porous film increases due to formation of sub pores.