The style of learning based on the experience of building engineers

Autores UPV
Revista 3C Empresa, Investigación y pensamiento crítico


Each person can learn in a different way, being the theories about learning styles which explain what each individual can learn in a different way. There is usually a group learning-style relationship with similar level of training, but this can vary in the group based on the work experience of people. Knowing the style of learning of people, largely determines the trends that should be taken to schedule your training. According to educational level and speciality in the University (letters, Sciences, or techniques), mark asked for his training style. In this article it has conducted a study on learning styles on a sample of people graduates in engineering construction and architecture in two groups: without work experience and work experience. It has conducted questionnaires CHAEA (Honey-Alonso learning styles questionnaire), to determine their trends in learning and motivation to prepare training post-graduate University of these professionals, which induce a greater interest in the student