Assessing Power Monitoring Approaches for Energy and Power Analysis of Computers

Autores UPV
Revista Sustainable Computing Informatics and Systems


Large-scale distributed systems (e.g., datacenters, HPC systems, clouds, large-scale networks, etc.) con- sume and will consume enormous amounts of energy. Therefore, accurately monitoring the power dissipation and energy consumption of these systems is more unavoidable. The main novelty of this contribution is the analysis and evaluation of different external and internal power monitoring devices tested using two different computing systems, a server and a desktop machine. Furthermore, we provide experimental results for a variety of benchmarks which intensively exercise the main components (CPU, Memory, HDDs, and NICs) of the target platforms to validate the accuracy of the equipment in terms of power dissipation and energy consumption. On the other hand, we also evaluate three different power measurement interfaces available on current architecture generations. Thanks to the high sampling rate and to the different measured lines, the internal wattmeters allow an improved visualization of some power fluctuations. However, a high sampling rate is not always necessary to understand the evolution of the power consumption during the execution of a benchmark.