Microstructural characteristics and resistance to corrosion in welds of steel aisi 304 with inconel 625 exposed to ionizing radiation (radiation x).

Autores UPV
Revista DYNA Ingeniería e Industria


In radioactive environments, it is vital to know resistant properties of welds performed and their behavior when they are subjected to different doses of radiation. This article has analyzed the influence that has the ionizing radiation of low intensity, in particular the X-radiation, resistant, microstructural characteristics and corrosion resistance on the weldability of stainless steel austenitic AISI 304, soldier by TIG process and using as input materials INCONEL 625. Unions have been in two different atmospheric conditions: the first in environmental conditions, and the second in an inert Chamber with argon supply. For each environment is analyzed the influence of radiation on resistant characteristics and corrosion in different doses with both atmospheres.