Biosignal Analysis for Advertisement Evaluation

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Biosignal Analysis for Advertisement Evaluation


This work aims to analyse the cerebral activity occurring during the observation of commercial ads. In this study, EEG, GSR and Eye Tracking from nineteen healthy subjects have been recorded and analysed. The cerebral activity was quantified in order to find differences between people who forgot a particular commercial and people who remembered the ad, to distinguish and to assess ads as well as to detect consumer attention during the advertisement visualization. Results are summarized as follows: (1) participants that remembered the ad present a higher level of brain activity in theta (p = .011) and extended beta bands than the participants that forgot the ad. (2) A higher level of Global Field Power for ad under analysis is observed comparing this ad with the worst Super Bowl 2013 ad (p = .000). (3) Frames in which cerebral activity peaks were obtained correlate with key frames of skin conductance response.