Internationalization of Aerospace Engineering at ETSID: Maths in English

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Internationalization of Aerospace Engineering at ETSID: Maths in English


Internationalization is a strategic axis at Technical University of Valencia (officially Universitat Politècnica de València, UPV) and in particular at the School of Design Engineering ETSID from the very beginning when the Erasmus program was launched at the end of the eighties. From then a number of actions have continuously being implemented in addition to the standard exchange of students such as transatlantic actions, double degrees or instruction in English. In fact a push in the last direction was given by Regional Government of Valencia started a pilot experience in 2010 initially meant for outstanding students with the goal that the five public universities of the Valencia Region delivered a selection of seventeen undergraduate degrees in English. Five of these degrees belonged to UPV from which two of them belonged to ETSID: BEng Aerospace Engineering and BEng in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering. In this paper, we will analyze the performance made by students in Mathematics at their first year of BEng Aerospace Engineering during 2012/13 and compare results of these students to the rest of students that have not received classes in English. Opinions of both types of students will also be discussed.