Multi-Viewer Gesture-Based Interaction for Omni-Directional Video

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Multi-Viewer Gesture-Based Interaction for Omni-Directional Video


Omni-directional video (ODV) is a novel medium that offers viewers a 360º panoramic recording. This type of content will become more common within our living rooms in the near future, seeing that immersive displaying technologies such as 3D television are on the rise. However, little attention has been given to how to interact with ODV content. We present a gesture elicitation study in which we asked users to perform mid-air gestures that they consider to be appropriate for ODV interaction, both for individual as well as collocated settings. We are interested in the gesture variations and adaptations that come forth from individual and collocated usage. To this end, we gathered quantitative and qualitative data by means of observations, motion capture, questionnaires and interviews. This data resulted in a user-defined gesture set for ODV, alongside an in-depth analysis of the variation in gestures we observed during the study.