Synthesis and down conversion emission property of Eu3+ doped LaAlO3 CsAlO2 and LiLaO2 phosphors

Autores UPV
Revista Optical and Quantum Electronics


LaAlO3:Eu3+, CsAlO2:Eu3+ and LiLaO2:Eu3+ phosphors with varying concen- trations of Eu3+ from 3 to 10 mol% were prepared by combustion synthesis method and the samples were further heated to 1,000ºC to improve the crystallinity of the materials. The structure and morphology of materials have been examined by X-ray diffraction and scan- ning electron microscopy. SEM images depicted that the morphology of crystallites have no uniform shapes and sizes. Small and coagulated particles of irregular shapes of different sizes are obtained. The characteristic emissions of Eu3+ were clearly observed at nearly 580, 592, 650, 682 to 709 (multiplet structure) nm for 5D - 7 Fn transitions where n = 0, 1, 3, 4 respectively, including the strongest emission peaks at 614 and 620 nm for 5 D0 - 7 F2 transitions in CsAlO2:Eu3+ and LiLaO2:Eu3+ host lattices. The intensity of emission peak corresponding to 5 D0 !→ 7 F1 transitions in LaAlO3 :Eu3+ material is comparable to that of 5D0 5D-7F2 transitions which is also a singlet. Photoluminescence intensity follows the order as in LiLaO2 > LaAlO3 > CsAlO2 lattices. Remarkable high photoluminescence intensity with 7 mol% doping of Eu3+ in LiLaO2 makes it a strong contender for red colored display applications.