Metodología para el estudio de las trazas y relaciones intrínsecas en la Iglesia de la Asunción de Lliria

Autores UPV
Revista Informes de la Construcción


La Asunción church in Llíria, Valencia (Spain), is one of the most important and more unknown buildings of the valencian baroque. Through this unique temple it is proposed a methodology of analysis applied to other studies of historic buildings in which we haven¿t any search based in the detailed study of the traces of the temple and the subsequent construction of these. It has been obtained as a result of that the development of an unedited hypothesis of how the sequential process of the first traces could have been, supporting us in different architectural treatises of the time and on the careful study of the temple¿s plans to obtain the results. By the obtaining of the traces it has been performed both an analysis in terms of metric and geometric level and the relationship between them with the purpose of obtaining the intrinsic properties of the building.