Aprendizaje de ingles a través de técnicas teatrales.

Autores UPV
CONGRESO Aprendizaje de ingles a través de técnicas teatrales.


This paper aims to discuss the role that language learning plays in internationalizing engi-neering education. To do so, the author will describe several tools and resources that have been implemented at UPV¿s School of Design Engineering to enhance the acquisition of English as a foreign language. These tools and resources are: Multidict.net, a multilingual online dictionary interface ¿together with its integral modules, Wordlink and Clilstore, which support Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), developed within the EU-funded Tools for CLIL Teachers project¿; digital storytelling, and the InGenio First Certificate in English Online Course and Tester. All 3 resources represent current trends in supporting language acquisition and share several things in common, i.e. fostering autonomous learning, promoting digital literacies and enhancing creativity. All 3 features will be referred to throughout the paper.