Calibration of overtopping roughness factors for concrete armor units in non-breaking conditions using the CLASH database

Autores UPV
Revista Coastal Engineering


Based on the CLASH Neural Network (CLASH NN), a new 16-parameter overtopping estimator (Q6) is developed for conventional mound breakwaters with crown wall, both with and without toe berm. Q6 is built-up using the overtopping estimations given by the CLASH NN and checked using the CLASH database. Q6 is compared to other conventional overtopping formulas, and the Q6 obtained the lowest predicting errors. Q6 provides overtopping predictions similar to the CLASH NN for CMBW but using only six explanatory dimensionless variables (Rc/Hm0, Ir, Rc/h, Gc/Hm0, Ac/Rc and a toe berm variable based on Rc/h) and two reduction factors (ãf and ãâ). Q6 describes explicit relationships between input variables and overtopping discharge and hence it facilitates use in engineering design to identify cost-effective solutions and to quantify the influence of variations in wave and structural parameters.