Towards the development of agent-based organizations through MDD

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Artificial Intelligence Tools


Virtual Organizations are a mechanism where agents can demonstrate their social skills since they can work in a cooperative and collaborative way. Nonetheless, the development of organizations using Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) requires extensive experience in different methodologies and platforms. Model-Driven Development (MDD) is a technique for generating application code that is developed from basic models and meta-models using a variety of automatic transformations. This paper presents an approach to develop and deploy organization-oriented Multi-Agent Systems using a model-driven approach. Based on this idea, we introduce a relatively generic agent-based meta-model for a Virtual Organization, which was created by a comprehensive analysis of the organization-oriented methodologies used in MAS. Following the MDD approach, the concepts and relationships obtained were mapped into two different platforms available for MAS development, allowing the validation of our proposal. In this way, the resultant approach can generate Virtual Organization deployments from unified meta-models, facilitating the development process of agent-based software from the user point of view.