Dynamic modeling of a dual active bridge DC to DC converter with average current control and load-current feed-forward

Autores UPV
Revista International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications


Bidirectional power flow is needed in many power conversion systems like energy storage systems, regeneration systems, power converters for improvement of the power quality and some DC-DC applications where bidirectional high power conversion and galvanic isolation are required. The dual active bridge (DAB) is an isolated, high voltage ratio DC-DC converter suitable for high power density and high power applications, being a key interface between renewable energy sources and energy storage devices. This paper is focused on the modeling and control design of a DC-DC system with battery storage based on a DAB converter with average current mode control of the output current and output voltage control. The dynamic response of the output voltage to load steps is improved by means of an additional load-current feed-forward control loop. An analytical study of the load-current feed-forward is presented and validated by means of both simulations and experimental results.