An Adaptive Mechanism for Optimal Content Download in Wireless Networks

Autores UPV
Revista IEEE Transactions on Multimedia


This paper presents an adaptive mechanism for improving the content download in wireless environments. The solution is based on the use of the file delivery over unidirectional transport (FLUTE) protocol in multicast networks, which reduce considerably the bandwidth when there are many users interested in the same contents. Specifically, the system proposed reduces the average download time of clients within the coverage area, thus improving the Quality of Experience. To that extent, clients send periodically feedback messages to the server reporting the losses they are experiencing. With this information, the server decides which is the optimum application layer¿forward error correction (AL-FEC) code rate that minimizes the average download time, taking into account the channel bandwidth, and starts sending data with that code rate. The system proposed is evaluated in various scenarios, considering different distributions of losses in the coverage area. Results show that the adaptive solution proposed is very suitable in wireless networks with limited bandwidth.